Lotus Blooming Yoga | Our Staff
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Our Staff

Our dedicated staff

Shawn Heflin

Shawn is a life-long athlete with an extensive sports background. Her wealth of experience is built on decades of participation in volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, golf, track, cheerleading, gymnastics, diving, hiking and rock-climbing. She maintains a collection of certifications & continuing education credits through AFFA, ACE, IDEA, Yoga Fit, Yoga Alliance, Reebok Step, Johnny G Spin, Group Fit, Group Stretch, Group Strength, Group Cardio, and Pilates.

With 20 years years of experience as a yoga instructor, more than 30 years as a group fitness coach, and personal trainer to some of Nashville’s biggest Country Music stars (Steven Tyler, Alison Krauss, Sara Evans), Shawn is one of the most sought-out teachers in Middle Tennessee. Her expert services have been enlisted by the YMCA, Centennial Sportsplex, The Club, Exercise Plus, Boost Fitness, Climb Nashville, Caterpillar, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University and Baptist Hospital. Shawn currently serves as the team yoga instructor for the Tennessee Titans.


Kristen Bendheim

RYT 200, CYT Yoga for the Special Child

Kristen’s teaching style is a blend of Hatha yoga and vinyasa. She began her yoga practice in 1998 and became a dedicated student of Jan Campbell. With her roots in Iyengar yoga, Kristen developed a deep understanding of the poses, alignment and pose transitions. Her classes inspire and challenge while offering seamless modifications for her students. Kristen guides her students to connect and honor where they are in the moment, using the breath as a link to stay present.

“The most important thing we can do on our mat is to let go of any expectations. This allows (the energy in) our body to move freely without mental constraint. It is here we begin to feel the freedom and self compassion in our practice.”

Cindy Harless

Cindy has been an avid athlete all her life and participated in all kinds of exercise. But exercise could only take her so far. She discovered yoga and found her joy. Yoga became a guide to finding peace and happiness. Her journey has been so fulfilling she became driven to share the experience. As a teacher, she brings her love of yoga into the studio and strives to be a guide to her students on their journey to find their own joy. Outside the studio, Cindy is a vocalist and musician. She looks forward to bringing all of these gifts with her into her classes.


Ajay Sharma

Ajay Sharma was born in New Dehli, India. After attending a 40 day program at an Indian yoga institute in 1983, he spent many year pursuing his career. But with a strong background in yoga from his father and grandfather, he was always exploring and experiencing yoga at different levels. Now he considers himself a seeker of truth and he looks forward to sharing his experiences with you as he serves as a guide to your own journey. Ajay includes pranayama (breath) and mindfulness in his teaching to help improve physical heath and achieve a state of equanimity.

Lindsay Hernandez

I’ve been active in various sports my whole life and practicing yoga showed me that yoga is about internal progression and self study…not perfection. I was never able to get that connection in any physical activity until I practiced yoga. I initially started practicing yoga for the physical benefits and then more benefits happened beyond the physical with a consistent practice. When I utilized my yoga to help get me through life’s setbacks, I became enamored with yoga as a whole, from the focus on the breath, to the physical, mental, spiritual, and meditative aspects that come with practicing yoga.

I discovered the practice is not just a physical workout, but a true lifestyle and state of mind. I wanted to share yoga with anyone who is open to trying the practice and I wanted to do so in a way that was comfortable for that person, and that is what led me to my first teacher training. I’m forever grateful for all my teachers and the inspiration they continue to give me. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu


Sue Braswell

Sue has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for most of her adult life. Having discovered yoga in a book in her college library, she was mostly self taught in her early years since qualified teachers were hard to find. She became a teacher in the early 2000’s and has had a dedicated following of students ever since who seek her out for her loving approach and deep knowledge of yoga.

Sith Phrachak

Sith is a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, techie, foodie and student of life. He completed his teacher training with Kali Yuga Yoga and will always be a student of the practice of yoga as, like life, yoga is an ongoing journey with twists and turns.

Sith’s classes are vinyasa flow based. He creates a safe yet challenging class for students to move beyond what they think is possible with the goal of creating a better version of themselves. All levels are welcome as classes are suited to students learning both basic and intermediate postures and breathing techniques.