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Katy Brandt, Transformational Life Coach

Katy Brandt, Transformational Life Coach


During her nearly 20 year career at one of the nation’s premier universities, Katy focused on creating culture through participative team management. That environment set her up for her journey into mindfulness, leadership coaching, and yoga.

In 1999, Katy turned to yoga as she sought healing for a shoulder injury. Once on the mat, she discovered much more than simple stretches and poses. The more she practiced yoga, the more her colleagues noticed a difference in her, emotionally as well as physically. After several comments on her peace and calm, Katy realized she had found a secret weapon: yoga and mindfulness could, in fact, improve daily lives.

As a Certified Life Coach, Katy uses mindfulness techniques to help individuals and teams transform. Her process focuses on three prongs, each one contributing to a more successful balanced and healthy life:

Leadership Coaching


Aspiring leaders need to know their personal strengths and power. Katy will help you discover these unique gifts and develop strategies for implementing them in your daily personal and professional life.

Stress Management


Depression and anxiety caused by stress is one of the most debilitating struggles in today’s workforce. If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed or struggling with anxiety, there are simple techniques that can help you manage–without medication. Katy can help you identify and utilize the right strategies for your personal situation.



Today’s world is full of stress and anxiety, which often leads to addictive or self-harming behaviors. If you want to enhance the work of a 12 step program–or you did not see success during the 12 steps–Katy can guide you through a Yoga for Recovery program, specialized for your unique needs.

Contact Katy today to get started.